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Funnel cake

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It’s a cross between churros and donuts. They are found in all the fairgrounds in the United States as with us the croustillons.

In English, “funnel” means “funnel” because this donut is formed using a funnel. I had fun testing it with Valina last Sunday and we had a blast.

* Ingredients:

° 120 gr of flour
° 1 tbsp of baking powder
° 2 tbsp of sugar
° 1 pinch of salt
° 200 ml whole milk
° 1 large egg
° 1 bag of vanilla sugar
° Icing sugar
° Peanut oil

* Preparation:

In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, sugars, salt, add the egg, milk, 2 tbsp of peanut oil and mix well.
In a frying pan, about 2-3 cm of oil and heat. Pour the dough into a funnel, close with your finger, then swirl in the hot oil. Let to brown, and turn to brown other face as well. tap on paper towels & spread with icing sugar . For more leniency, you can as serving with chocolate


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