Apple Fritters

Homemade Apple Fritters! This cake donut-like fried pastry is easy to make and the perfect fall dessert! A sweet batter is dotted with fresh, crisp apples and deep fried until perfectly golden brown, then it’s finished by rolling in plenty of cinnamon sugar.

Easy Apple Fritters Recipe

Oh all the ways to make an apple fritter! There’s the method where apples are cut into whole slices and coated in batter, and then there’s the type (like so) where apples are cut into small cubes and tossed with batter.

And you’ll also find more complex versions where a heartier dough is folded over cubed apples and then cut into strips and cubes, and then pressed and formed into fritters from there.

Sometimes apples are pre-cooked and softened while other times they’re added in raw and crisp.

Frequently they’re shaped into flatter patties while also common they’re formed into misshapen rounds. You’ll also find they come in various sizes.

Typically you’ll find apple fritters are fried but some recipes call for baking in the oven instead.

Most apple fritter recipes use yeast or baking powder for leavening (which helps the batter rise). The yeast versions require extra rising periods and are they have a chewier texture, while the baking powder versions have a softer more cake-like texture (think old fashioned cake donuts) and the batter is fried right after preparing (no lengthy resting times).

Here we go the quick baking powder route and fry up in small portions for a quick and easy recipe. They end up perfectly spiced and sweet, melt-in-your-mouth tender, and with apple flavor in every bite!

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